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Chile’s Presidential Palace La Moneda Goes Solar

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As the U.S. is busy denying climate change and giving the cold shoulder to alternative energy Chile is making a name for its self in all things green. Case-in-point the country’s presidential palace Palacio la Moneda , known as La Moneda by the locals, is going solar.

The solar panels installed this month by green start-up Solcor are expected to provide the presidential palace with 18 percent of its power. The greening of La Moneda is all part of the country’s “Roadmap to 2050” energy plan.

The ambitious plan was introduced in October, 2015 with the goal of the country becoming as energy efficient as possible. Stated goals are for solar energy to provide 23 percent of the country’s energy, 23 percent from wind sources and 29 percent from hydroelectric power.

Maybe newly elected Chilean President Sebastian Piñera should send a copy of “Roadmap to 2050” to President Trump?

The country is also home to the “most potent sun power on the planet” the Atacama Desert. The country is utilizing these natural resources to build the first solar thermal power plant in the region. It is also one of the top 10 world markets for renewable energy. A market the U.S. is shamefully losing position in.

The presidential palace, which occupies an entire city block in downtown Santiago, is actually where the presidential offices are maintained. The president resides in a private residence also in Santiago. The palace consists of four inner courtyards and offices surroundings those offices.

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