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Brazil Embraces Black Friday With Out Turkey and Stuffing the Day Before

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Brazil Embraces Black Friday

Brazil, the ninth largest economy, is doing its best to embrace one of America’s most traditional shopping days by offering the Black Friday experience without requiring the turkey dinner and stuffing the day before. Brazilian retailers started celebrating Black Friday several years ago with varying levels of success and now it is one of the most important shopping days of the year.

Most retailers embrace the American tradition all the way and do not promote ‘Black Friday’ in the country’s native Portuguese language instead utilizing ‘Black Friday’ in English as the call to action. A survey by SPC Brasil and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers, indicate that an overwhelming number of Brazilians (69%) plan to make purchases on Black Friday and 28% of these buyers will only buy if prices are uber cheap.

Brazil’s Black Friday, like the U.S., comes with aggressive shopping, long lines and mad dashes to purchase highly discounted electronics. Home appliances are the most popular shopping category on Black Friday. Latin America’s largest economy also celebrates Cyber Monday – those sales rose by 56% in 2015 according to eMarketer.

Brazil’s Black Friday has become one of the most important days for local retailers and national chains to meet their sales goals. In 2016, Brazilians are expected to spend more than $600 million on Black Friday an impressive increase of 75% compared to last year. This is surely good news in a country that is living with the longest recession in modern times, high levels of unemployment and rampant corruption.

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