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Botox Evita – Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez Kirchner - Indicted AGAIN for Corruption

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Botox Evita

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner and two former aides, after years of investigations and rumors, have been charged with enriching themselves by giving public work contracts to friends. According to MercoPress, each defendant’s assets were ordered frozen up to $633 million.

Kirchner, known for having dollar signs tattooed on her retinas and her love of all things couture, was already facing charges of manipulating Argentina’s central bank resulting in $5 billion in losses to the country, failing at the goal to make the economy look better than it actually was. The 63-year-old excessively taunt-faced Kirchner was President of Argentine from 2007-2015 after her husband Nestor finished his presidential term from 2003-2007. Think of Nestor and Cristina as the successful version of Bill and Hillary Clinton, having kept the presidency in the family. Nestor died suddenly from a heart attack in 2010 while his wife was in her second term of office.

2016 has been a bad year for “Botox Evita” as she is kindly called by her subjects. Today’s charges are the second set of charges she has faced after leaving office. Kirchner allegedly made sure she didn’t lose one penny of illicit gains, the indictment implies she was dipping her hands in the cookie jar until her very last day in office. Current charges focus on public work projects in the province of Santa Cruz, where her husband was governor before becoming president.

Kirchner started her political career in local politics in 1989 after finishing law school. She made history by becoming the first elected female President in 2007 though Eva ‘Evita’ Peron was the first unofficial female president of Argentina working with her husband Juan Peron to run the country. Kirchner like Peron came from modest means and both have been accused of being barrio trash dressed in designer heels. Kirchner’s mother was pregnant when she married her bus driver boyfriend, a major scandal at the time.

In 2010, Cristina Kirchner was number two in Time magazine’s list of top female world leaders, running and stabilizing the third largest economy in Latin America.

My how the mighty have fallen!

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