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NARCO NEWS:  Popular Quinceñera Theme Celebrates Narco Lifestyle

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A growing and insensitive and tasteless Quinceñera party trend is happening in the very country that has the highest death rate related to narco violence.

A Quinceañera celebration is a right of passage in Latin America for many young girls, much like celebrating your ‘Sweet 16’ in the U.S. is. A girl celebrates her transition from childhood-to-young adult with a Catholic mass followed by a beautiful party typically around a theme. It is customary for friends and family to wear their finest, enjoy a special meal and of course music is key for the waltz dance.

Traditional Quinceañera party themes run the gamit, popular currently in the U.S. are Western-inspired parties, ‘Under the Sea’, Enchanted Forest and Candyland. In Mexico, narco-inspired Quinceñera parties are the rage and even include faux kidnappers and guns with waltzing to infamous narco ballads known as ‘narcocorridos.’

Watch the video, recently uploaded to social media, of such a celebration in Sinaloa, Mexico – the birthplace of the Sinaloa Cartel and its infamous leader Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. The male escorts known as chamberlains dressed as cartel members, and during the waltz the Quinceañera was “kidnapped’ from the party as faux (we hope) shots could be heard.

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