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NARCO NEWS: Mexican Authorities Discover 250 Skulls in Mass Grave Believed to be Victims of Narco Violence

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A group of mothers, known as the Colectivo Solecito, in search of their missing children, reported last Friday the finding of a mass pit in Veracruz with human remains as the result of an investigation they began last August.

Jorge Winckler, Veracruz state prosecutor confirmed the discovery of a clandestine grave with 250 skulls, believed to be the largest in the country’s history. Other body parts and full corpses are believed to also be located in the large grave site. Thus far only one-third of the area has been

Authorities believe the human skulls appear to be victims of narco trafficking violence. “For many years organized crime made people disappear with the complacency of authorities and threw them into graves,” Winckler stated. The Colective Solecito raises money and awareness to find mass grave sites in hope of finding the remains of loved ones.

Authorities concede these victims could have been buried at the site for years.

Veracruz is one of several Mexican states with a very high level of violence. This is not the first time authorities have discovered mass graves with unidentified victims. Official reports indicate from January 2014 through January of 2017, 722 people from Veracruz vanished without a trace.

Winckler, who has just assumed the role of prosecutor, accuses the now-fugitive-governor of Veracruz Javier Duarte of having ignored the problem of clandestine cemeteries and of deceiving relatives of the disappeared with supposed investigations.

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