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NARCO NEWS:  Mexican Attorney General Arrested at Border, U.S. Says He’s a Narco


Edgar Veytia, is an asshole. Always was and always will be and now thanks to the U.S. government everyone knows it. Veytia by day was (until last Monday that is) the highest legal authority in the state of Nayarit and by night he was the ‘Diablo’ narco trafficker and meth manufacturer for the Jalisco Nuevo Generacion cartel (CJNG).

On March 31, Veytia was arrested by U.S. border protection officers in San Diego trying to enter the U.S. to visit family members. The arrest was the result of a New York federal grand jury issuing a three count indictment against the Attorney General for selling, distributing and manufacturing heroin, meth and cocaine since 2013 up until the day his arrest warrant was issued on March 2. The U.S. government alleges Veytia used different alias’ including “El Diablo’ when transacting business, the government is also interested in the $250 million Veytia has in cash. The investigation was a joint effort between the Drug Enforcement Authority and U.S. Homeland Security.

Veytia had long been rumored to be associated with the CJNG that controls drug trafficking on the Pacific coast of Mexico, wrestling the control from the Sinaloa cartel and it’s leader Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. Many Nayarit citizens would complain of family members, mostly associated with the Sinaloa Cartel, disappearing and no police reports filed or investigations started. People were outraged that the Attorney General was so obvious in his support of his narco friends. Veytia often explained his ties to narcos as impossible since the state has one of the lowest crime rates – could that be because Veytia is a judicial terrorist killing his critics and ordering assassinations, right from his fancy desk, of any narco rivals of CJNG thereby eliminating the need for bloody drug wars.

Apparently no one cared to listen or conveniently ignored the narco rumors surrounding the 46 year-old lawyer. Then there was the 2011 assassination attempt on Veytia tied to narco business gone wrong and still no action by the Mexican government. The newspaper Reforma citing unnamed military sources even reported that CJNG is headquartered in Nayarit where a hub of their secret meth labs exist - all thanks to Veytia.

Roberto Sandoval, the governor of Nayarit, who was obviously in a long-term weed induced coma stated his shock at his colleagues and “amigos” arrest. He stated at a recent press conference he did not know why American authorities arrested Veytia and was waiting for more details.

CJNG was created by former members of the Sinaloa cartel and is currently under the leadership of former police officer Nemesio “El Mencho” Oseguera. Their specialty is police corruption and ruthless violence - strapping sticks of dynamite to their victim’s limbs is one of their calling cards.

The alleged narco was appointed by the governor and approved in 2013 by the Nayarit Congress to serve as Attorney General. Prior to that role, Veytiua was the Public Safety director in Tepic, Nayarit from 2008-2011 and then went to the work as head of the Public Prosecutor’s office in 2011.

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