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NARCO NEWS:  Meet El Chapo’s Successor CEO - Damaso Lopez Nunez

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While Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman languishes in U.S. custody and suffers “hallucinations” his multi-billion dollar enterprise has named by default a new successor CEO. The Sinaloa cartel and its multi-national, multi-billion dollar enterprise will now be led by Damaso Lopez Nunez, aka ‘El Licenciado’ (the lawyer).

Lopez Nunez’ resume is fitting that of a successor CEO of a major narco cartel – he was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa birth place of many narco chieftains. Second he was a corrupt member of Mexico’s judiciary first as a state prosecutor and then as a prison official whose favors were for sale to the highest bidder. Nunez Lopez was vice-director of the Puente Grande prison where El Chapo was jailed until his daring 2001 (some would say easy) escape in a laundry basket. Third, Lopez Nunez was part of El Chapo’s bench team, the duo working side-by-side for 15 years so as to learn the inner working of the enterprise. Finally and most importantly he is ruthless and cunning, having attempted to take over the Sinaloa Cartel via assassinations including that of El Chapo’s sons.

Prior to becoming the new CEO Nunez Lopez headed up cocaine supply logistics, enforcement, narco transportation that include planes, boats, submarines, and his most important role as head of corruption tactics of officials in every country, at every level.

It was the second capture of El Chapo and extradition to the U.S. when the successor CEO made a bold move to become the official CEO with or without the consent of his former boss. Last month Lopez Nunez ordered the kidnapping and murder of El Chapo’s sons that are involved in the business: Jesus Alfredo and Ivan Guzman. The sons went to a secret location for a meeting with the very person their father trusted only to be met by a barrage of gun fire that killed their bodyguard and put them in hiding. This has set up the perfect scenario for the successor CEO to be voted in by bullets as the head of the Sinaloa Cartel.

El Chapo is praying the U.S. acts on the March, 2013 indictment of Lopez Nunez on charges of narco trafficking and money laundering – then his sons can come out of hiding and take over the family business.

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