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Narco News:  Looks Like El Chapo’s Successor Tried to Have His Sons Wacked

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El Chapo Betrayed

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s sons have been the intended targets of an assassination attempt at the hands of the new head of the Sinaloa Cartel and their father’s successor. The Sinaloa cartel was lead by El Chapo until his arrest and transfer to the U.S. forcing him to elect successors from amongst his loyalists. One such successor and loyalist was Damaso Lopez Nunez, that is until now.

Apparently Lopez Nunez, known as “El Licenciado” or “el Lic” (the lawyer) ordered the kidnapping and murder of Jesus Alfredo and Ivan Guzman, two of El Chapo’s 12 children. The 48-year former attorney and Mexican law officer apparently set up an appointment with the young men and another Sinaloa cartel leader to talk business. When the trio arrived at the meeting there was no Lopez Nunez just a barrage of gun fired that wounded El Chapo’s sons and killed their security detail. The attack was detailed in a hand written note to Mexican journalists by the sons themselves who are hiding – their condition is not known. The note indicates they were wounded and blame Lopez Nunez for trying to have them killed. The note has been confirmed as being written by El Chapo’s sons by the family attorney.

El Chapo was very loyal to El Lic ever since he helped organize Guzman’s first prison escape from the Puente Grande Prison where El Lic was the head of security.

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