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NARCO NEWS: Jail Time Just Got a Little Easier for El Chapo, Sort of

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The life of the most (in)famous inmate at New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center is going to get a bit easier – well sort of. A Brooklyn judge has granted one and ONLY one of Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s many pleas to make his incarceration in the U.S. a bit easier.

El Chapo, thanks to a $1,000 tax-payer funded jail house enhancement, will enjoy closer contact with his legal team through a screen and slot where documents can be passed. It is still a No-No for El Chapo to have in person visits with his team. The head of Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa cartel was only allowed to communicate with his legal team via video as he prepares for his trial next year on 17 counts of narco trafficking.

The court ruling allows El Chapo to see his legal team via a screen and not plexiglass and pass documents directly to his lawyers instead of through prison officials.

Clearly his two (in)famous escapes from Mexican prison’s has the Bureau of Prisons a bit on edge. Labeled as the “World’s loneliest crime kingpin” El Chapo is not even allowed visits with his wife Emma Coronel Aispuro except through phone or pre-recorded video.

The 60-year-old narco billionaire officially resides at 150 Park Row in lower Manhattan in the Special Housing Unit located on the 10th floor of the prison. Guzman has 23-hour solitary confinement in his 20 x 12 foot cell and very tight restrictions on visitors, usually legal team and translators.

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