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NARCO NEWS:  Even Pigeons Aren’t Safe - One Shot While Delivering Drugs

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The narco trafficking business is a nasty, winner-take-all-business. Justice if ever served comes at a high price, even for a 2 pound pigeon.

A hard working narco pigeon was shot in Argentine by authorities as it was approaching its drop point – the Santa Rosa city jail in La Pampa. The pigeon was targeted after being observed going back and from the prison over several days by “eagle-eye” prison officials.

Authorities believe a narco pigeon gang was operating at the behest of several ruthless inmates, making multiple illegal drop-offs a day. This ‘narcopaloma’ is believed to be part of a gang with 15 aviary members.

The postmortem of the unfortunate creature revealed it was hauling a mini-back pack carrying: 44 sedative pills, 7.5 grams of pot and a USB drive. WTF. Authorities arrested three inmates for running the narco pigeon ring.

And this is only the latest but not last case of trained pigeons being used as narco traffickers. Pigeons have been caught in the act in Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica. The felonious bird in Costa Rica was more fortunate and currently lives in a zoo after being captured in the act.

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