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NARCO NEWS:  DEA Declares Ruelas Torres as Major Kingpin in Heroin Trafficking - Mexico Says Whose That?


Jose Luis Ruelas Torres and his family run business based in Sinaloa, Mexico is the current target of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The DEA alleges the group is “a family-based, independent opium and heroin production and distribution organization that smuggles multi-kilogram heroin quantities into the United States.”

Ruelas Torres and 10 family members have been operating a large scale heroin and opium trafficking business for over two decades with distributions points into many cities in the U.S. including Los Angeles and Phoenix. The news came as shock to many in Mexico since the Ruelas Torres cartel is unknown.

This newly designated narco group and its leader is not on any of Mexico’s Most Wanted Lists. As alarming as that is Infobae and other media indicate that even the now prevalent Jalisco New Generation cartel was never identified by Mexican authorities until U.S. authorities did it for them. It was in 2015 that the elder Ruelas Torres came to the attention of U.S. authorities when he and his son, also on the DEA list, were charged with narco trafficking and money laundering in Colorado.

Ruelas Torres’ designation as a “Significant Foreign Narcotics Trafficker” enables the U.S. government to seize and/or freeze all the assets held in the U.S. by the alleged narco and his family. It is believed all individuals listed by the DEA live in Mexico.

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