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Narco News:  A First for Mexico City – Narco Blockades


Mexico City has just added a dubious distinction to its resume as a world class city – narco blockade host. Though narco blockades, a tacit often used by cartel members to elude authorities, are seen throughout narco controlled regions of the country they have never been utilized in Mexico City.

The capital city of 8 million has been able to avoid the taint of narco violence - that is until now. The Ciudad de Mexico as it is known in Spanish has been plagued this year with a rising murder rate, the murder rate for the first half of 2017 increased by a whopping 31 percent over the same period last year.

Nonetheless residents were shocked to see a 1,000 plus military presence, this past week, on the streets of Tlahuac, southeast of the city center. The Mexican marines and federal police were on the hunt for the leader and members of a relativity unknown cartel – the Cartel de Tlahuac. It is alleged the Cartel controls the poor borough of Tlahuac and was involved in assassinations, extortions, kidnapping and drug trafficking.

And what happened during the military exercise proves it is.

While the cartel take down was happening members of the cartel who operate “micros” (motorcycle rickshaws) came out in groves and blocked key streets to and from Tlahuac. Trucks and minibuses were set on fire also on key streets assuring that military reinforcements could not enter or leave the city and neither could horrified residents.

Eventually, by 11:00 p.m. the Mexican military and local police were able to normalize the situation, arrest the cartel leader and numerous cartel members but not before Mexico City gained the dubious narco-blockade distinction. Today residents and tourists can seen a heightened presence of military and police vehicles throughout the city.

Mexico City – Welcome to the World of Naroc-Blockades - a key tool of narcos to threaten authorities and intimidate local residents!

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