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NARCO NEWS:  13 Bags With Human Remains Found Roadside in Guerrero, Mexico

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This week 13 bags with petrified human remains were found on a rural road that leads to the Xulchuchio community in Chilapa, Guerrero. Mexican authorities believe the remains of six people are contained in the bags, no positive identifications have been provided nor have authorities been able to determine gender.

Chilapa is one of Mexico’s most ancient regions, with human occupation dating back to 1200 BC. It is was also a strong hold of the Aztec empire.

Authorities believe the gruesome deaths are related to the fight for poppy cultivation amongst rival gangs. Rival drug gangs, Los Rojos (The Reds) and Los Ardillos (The Squirrels) are often leaving behind evidence of their fight to control the area and the cultivation of poppy that leads to the production of heroin. Over the last several days the violent encounters between gangs has been increasing leaving 20 men dead.

In 2015, Chilapa was in the news when hundreds of gunmen showed up in town and stayed for nearly a week and took 15 people off the streets – they remain missing. The state of Guerrero has been suffering from violence related to drug trafficking especially in the popular tourist destination of Acapulco. Last year Guerrero ranked as the second most violent state in Mexico, in terms of number of homicides.

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