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Hernan Giraldo: Paramilitary Leader, Narco Kingpin and Virgin Predator Given Light Sentence by U.S

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Bad Hombre Hernán Giraldo

Hernán Giraldo, 68, former paramilitary leader of Colombia, narco trafficker and all around pervert got his hands slapped in a U.S. court this past Friday for cocaine trafficking. Instead of facing his Colombian countrymen for giving orders to torture and murder over 200 peasant farmers or for his hobby - the raping of young girls.

The U.S. could of given him a life sentence instead sentenced him to 198 months which will be reduced by 120 months for time already served. The Department of Justice acknowledged that “Today’s sentence does not account for violations of Colombian human rights… .” The U.S. should of acknowledged that their need to dominate all major narco arrests deprived Giraldo from rotting in a Colombian prison, that on average are overcrowded by 478% and where water is not abundantly available.

This father of 24, children sired by his violence and predatory behavior, was the lord and leader of a Colombian military group, United Self Defense Forces of Colombia, operating in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. He was extradited to the U.S. in 2008 and willingly went thereby escaping charges of crimes against humanity in Colombia.

But what of his youngest victims: young girls mostly virgins that he kidnapped, tortured and impregnated?

‘El Boradro’ (The Eraser) as he is known in Colombia was a former associate of Pablo Escobar who made a name for himself for his addiction to virgins and the sexual exploitation of them, during the 40 years he controlled the region. It is believed hundreds of girls were abused by Giraldo, many sold to him by their impoverished parents.

Before being extradited to the U.S., a deal many Colombians opposed, Giraldo called himself a good father for not denying paternity of his offspring of 24 (official count) or 38 (unofficial count).

As the New York Times noted, Giraldo and other paramilitary murderers were “handsomely rewarded for pleading guilty and cooperating with American authorities; they were treated as first-time offenders despite extensive criminal histories.”

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