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Did You Know Prez Trump and El Chapo Are Neighbors Living Only 6 Miles Apart?

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El Chapo

Joaquin Guzman de Loera, lovingly known the world over as El Chapo (Shorty) was deported on January 19, 2017 from Mexico the day before private citizen Donald J. Trump became President Trump and the world as we know it, ended. Mexican officials announced the move as an “extradition” others say Mexico wanted to make room for all the other immigrants Trump is planning on exporting back to Mexico.

Other claims Trump likes being around as many billionaires as possible regardless of their source of wealth.

The fact is that Trump and El Chapo are indeed neighbors, or better said Melania and El Chapo are neighbors living just 6 miles apart. Hopefully Melania won’t have to downgrade her digs after allegedly losing out on “million dollar deals” as a result of being labeled a high-priced escort instead of just a plain ole’ gold digger.

The 59-year-old billionaire head of the notorious Sinaloa cartel lives at 150 Park Row at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan while the Trump clan reside 6 miles away in the tony Upper East side where Trump Tower is located – a mere 18 minutes car drive via the FDR. Both residences have strikingly similarities: Both were constructed in the 1970s, both house billionaires, one is a rust-colored fortress the other a gold plated cage.

David E. Patton, the executive director of Federal Defenders of New York, recently stated, “If you wanted to intentionally design a place to drive people mad, you’d be hard pressed to do better.” Of course he was referring to the Metropolitan Correction Center not Trump Tower or was he?

Guzman learned quickly that though he is on U.S. soil and living in one of the fanciest zip codes, he will not be given any preferential treatment. This week his defense attorney Michelle Gelernt stated that El Chapo is “locked in a cell for 23 hours a day.” She also cited an incident when the Sinaloa head was denied water at one attorney-client meeting. El Chapo has forgotten that though he flew out of Mexico via private plane in the wee hours and his net worth is pegged at $3 billion, he faces 17 charges and is the true embodiment of a Trumpian ‘bad hombre’.

We are not sure if Guzman agrees to give the U.S. the $14 billion they are looking for if he will get better accommodations. He will never face the death penalty which is against the law in Mexico and the condition of his deportation “extradition.” One thing is for sure El Chapo is grateful for living in the land that made him and his henchmen wealthy beyond belief – the U.S. is the largest consumer of the Sinaloa cartel’s product line.

The saga continues on May 5, when Guzman returns to court. Stay tuned.

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