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Miguel Bosé Helps Out Mexican Indigenous Children

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Miguel Bosé

Spanish singer Miguel Bosé has unveiled a project aimed at helping children in Mexico’s indigenous communities. These children are “the future” of Mexico, the singer said during a press conference on Monday.

The Alliance for the Development and Welfare of Indian Peoples plans to renovate existing Casa del Niño Indígena housing as well as build new housing and give the children tools they need to promote “sustainable” development in their communities, Bose said.

El Milenio reports that this new Casa del Niño Indígena, inaugurated by Bosé, will have a rainwater system, greenhouse for vegetable production, forest nursery, orchard and computer in classrooms.

With an ecological kitchen and children’s play area, carpentry, baking and cultural reinforcement classes will be taught to the 66 children and teenagers, between six and 14 years of age.

“This is a project that is going to make a difference, that is going to turn the country around, because they are the future”, the singer said.

The Casa del Niño project isn’t the first time that Bosé has contributed to these types of projects. He has contributed to children’s outreach programs in other parts of Latin America as well.

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