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Mexico Welcomes Newly Discovered Parrot Species


Mexico welcomes a new species of parrot to its large family of native birds. The new species was found hidden in the tropical forests of the Yucatan Peninsula, located in southern Mexico.

The never-seen-before brightly colored bird with the distinctive hawk-like call will join the 30 other species of parrots, eight of which belong to the Amazona genus, that call Mexico home.

The actual first sighting of the new parrot species occurred in 2014 by Mexican ornithologist Miguel Gomez Garza and after several years of DNA verification – it is official: the Amazona gomezgarzai (named after Garza) will be known to everyone as the “Blue-winged Amazon” parrot. The new discovery is actually thought to have inhabited the area some 120,000 years ago.

So when visiting the forest of the Yucatan Peninsula, specifically south of Becanchén in the Tekax municipality of the Yucatán, look for a bird with “fiery red plumage” on its forehead complimented with a “crown of green and its wing feathers are bright blue.” It lives in flocks of fewer than 12 birds and enjoys a typical diet of plants, seeds and flowers. However, it is the “squawk” that is monotone and loud which makes this bird truly unique – a call that is very non-parrot like.

Details of the parrot’s discovery are published can be found in Peer J.

With the good news of the unique discovery comes the bad. It is believed there are only 100 of these beautiful birds left in existence. Garza has already started efforts to protect the species.

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