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Mexico Tested: Strongest Earthquake in 100 Years Hits, While Country Recovering from Hurricane Lidia and Awaiting Wrath of Katia

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BREAKING NEWS: 7.1 earthquake rocks Mexico City, late Tuesday, with the epicenter in Puebla. Authorities announced 200 dead with the number expected to rise. Officials announced today as the rescue operations are underway, that over 2,000 Mexican public schools suffered damage. Currently frantic rescue operations are underway at an elementary school in Mexico City, where 25 bodies have been found.

ORIGINAL STORY: Just before midnight Thursday Mexico’s resolve was tested again with another natural disaster in less than a week – when a deadly earthquake struck the southern coast killing over 60 people. The magnitude 8.1 earthquake’s epicenter was in the Pacific coast some 70-miles from the coast line. Among the dead are two children, one dying when power was cut off in a local hospital.

The earthquake was the strongest recorded in nearly a century for Mexico. At least 62 aftershocks were recorded throughout the country.

Chiapas and Oaxaca took the brunt of the damage, with deaths reported in those states as well as in the nearby state of Tabasco. The powerful quake was felt through the country including Mexico City, located 650 miles away from the epicenter. Hundreds of structures were destroyed or damaged in the affected areas leaving nearly 2 million people without electricity.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto noted that the quake’s actual magnitude was 8.2, making it stronger than the deadly 1985 earthquake that killed thousands and devastated large sections of Mexico City.

Last Friday Tropical Storm Lidia soaked Los Cabos resulting in four deaths. Nearly 2,000 sought shelter in the region while 20,000 tourists were stranded without a way out of the storm’s path. San Jose del Cabo was flooded with nearly 12 inches of rainfall.

Now Mexico braces for the effects of Hurricane Katia which made landfall early today on its southeast coast. The Category 1 storm made landfall north of Tecolutla, Mexico in the state of Vera Cruz, and is expected to inundate the area with dangerous flooding. Hurricane Katia is the season’s 11th storm.

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