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Mexico City Set to Celebrates Its Uniqueness With Its Own Emojis


For you Chilangos that miss the vibe and feel of one of the world’s greatest cities then you will be among the many that anxiously await the soon to be unveiled official Mexico City emojis.

The 20 emojis are guaranteed to represent Mexico City and all its finest says LabCDMX who is undertaking the project to “promote innovation and creativity” in the city of 8.9 million. And yes everyone knows the world has 1,624 official emojis, everything from smiley faces to piles of poop but few of those emojis are very emblematic of Mexican culture say for the cactus and taco.

LabCDMX with the support of Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera launched an initiative last month to get creative types to offer emoji ideas that best represent Mexico’s capital city and yesterday on National Emoji Day the campaign concluded. The campaign is only one of several initiatives happening in Mexico City celebrating its designation as the 2018 Design Capital of the World.

The iconic images have now replaced words and often represent feelings. Many responders wanted a representation of what is great about the city - Plaza de la Revolution to Diego Rivera’s murals to the colorful trajineras - but many also wanted the country’s bloodshed represented. There has been a call that one of the emojis be the number 43 representing the 43 missing and assumed dead student teachers from Guerrero.

The 20 Mexico City emojis will be unveiled on July 30 and winning designers will received about $30,000 pesos ($1,600) and bragging rights of course. This isn’t the first time that Mexico seeks to brand its uniqueness with emojis, there were the Twitter emojis celebrating Pope Francis’ trip to Mexico and of course emojis celebrating the big rival USA vs Mexico soccer matches.

It seems everyone is getting into the emoji creating craze. Today Apple gave everyone a sneak peak of 69 new emojis that will be coming to various computer platforms later this year.

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