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Meet Gisela Vazquez Alanis: Mexico’s Murderous Mayor, Just Implicated in Her 2nd Killing in 6 Months

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To the nearly 32,000 residents of Turicato in the state of Michoacan, Gisela Vazquez Alanis is their beloved, doe-eyed mayor, to the Investigative Discovery network she should be an upcoming feature in ‘Deadly Women’.

Apparently the ‘Alcadesa’ (Spanish for Mayor) of this beautiful colonial town in Mexico is alleged to have killed her neighbor with a gun on March 10th of this year - few other details have been made public. And this isn’t the Mayor’s first brush with murder, it’s actually her second, in six months.

The March shooting occurred at the Altozano Golf Club in Turicato with eye witnesses placing her at the scene of the crime. Vazquez Alanis was arrested several days ago along with three local police officers as more evidence came to light. State police will continue their investigation. The murder is being handled at the state level since the mayor controls the local police force, a police force that didn’t think to thoroughly investigate her role in an August murder and somehow let her husband escape justice.

Only in Mexico.

The beautiful murderous Gisela other brush with the act of murder occurred in August. The 28-year-old victim has only been identified as Jorge G. - a low-level cartel member while others have identified him as the son of a political rival. The mayor says she was not involved in the shooting but rather her husband shot Jorge G. in self-defense – though no one is sure if she was there or not. Her husband, an “honorary” police member allowed to carry a gun, left the scene of the crime before state police could interview him and he remains a fugitive. The mayor simply told the local police which report to her that she wasn’t involved and was allowed to remain in office apparently not too worried that her fugitive husband killed one of her constituents.

Incidentally, the police chief of Turicato was assassinated on March 23rd and no one is saying if deadly Gisela had anything to do with that. At least not yet.

Only in Mexico.

Vazquez Alanis, a lawyer, was elected mayor in June, 2015 becoming the first woman to lead the town. She started her term on September 1, 2015 and barely 24 months later is in jail for murder and may be implicated in one or two more killings. Interestingly she is one of the highest paid mayor’s in the state – making more than the Governor of Michoacan.

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