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Former First Lady of Mexico Wants to Be Its Next President – Can Anyone Say Hillary Clinton

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Former Mexican first lady Margarita Zavala has taken another step in efforts to becoming the next President of Mexico and the next Hillary Clinton-like politico in Latin America.

Zavala recently announced her intentions to leave her political party, the National Action Party (PAN), and run as an independent candidate in the 2018 presidential election. She let her presidential aspirations be known sometime ago but only recently has taken serious steps to becoming a formal candidate. She left the PAN party, despite her life-long membership, citing its leader Ricardo Anaya as an obstruction to her political aspirations – rumors are Anaya also plans to run for president.

The 50-year-old lawyer is the wife of former President Felipe Calderon whose 2006-2012 presidency, is often blamed for all of the country’s recent blood shed after launching a failed all-out war on the drug cartels.

Zavala is a former PAN Congresswoman and had significant influence in her husband’s presidency - can anyone say Hillary Clinton. While Hillary was a leading voice in healthcare during her husband’s presidency, Margarita was the leading voice on education during her husband’s presidency. Zavala is the first First Lady to have held political office BEFORE her husband become president. Hillary became the first First Lady to do the same AFTER her husband left office.

Zavala doesn’t seem daunted by the fact many will blame her for the failures of her husband. Or maybe she does? That could be why she goes by her maiden name of Zavala and not by her married name of Zavala de Calderon.

Left-leaning Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is currently the front-runner presidential candidate, though the the former head of the Mexico City government, has had two previous unsuccessful presidential bids. Zavala, nonetheless, scores very high in country wide opinion polls.

Should Zavala win in 2018 she will become the first female president of Mexico - and that of course is not something Hillary Clinton can say here.

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