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Did Mexico Send their SH*T (Literally) into U.S. In an Anti-Trump Move?

No Bueno

San Diego County has to deal with a lot of crap and now it is dealing with actual sh*t (politely known as sewage) that has seeped its way into the U.S. side of the Tijuana River from Mexico. And officials believe the crap not only stinks but it stinks politically.

The crap cargo apparently started arriving in February and kept coming for over two weeks, culminating around February 23rd. Nearly 143 million, yes millions of gallons of “effluent”(liquid waste) spewed into the Tijuana River. The 120 mile long river traverses mostly through Mexico and then into the southern edges of San Diego for 5 miles eventually emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Was this the ultimate Anti-Trump move from our southern neighbors who aren’t too happy with its northern amigos?

Mid-February was right around the time Secretary of State Rex Tilerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly were telling Mexico about their deportation plans but offering some scant words of assurance that “no use of military forces” would be applied. And then they visited Mexico to try and explain away their boss’ beloved border wall, mass deportation threats and his bad hombre thoughts.

Mexican officials have been short on explanations over the sewage dump and U.S. officials believe Mexicans sent their crap intentionally down to the U.S. San Diego County is now having to deal with contamination of its beach fronts, bays and the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge. Residents are now greeted with Toxic Warning messages and instructed to stay out of the water or risk illness or worse – death. Experts believe remnants of the sewage may linger in the San Diego County area for months restricting summer beach access.

After some prodding, Mexico disclosed that the untreated sewage discharge was the result of one of their projects involving repair of sewer pipes where the Alamar and Tijuana rivers meet.

Nothing else was explained. Like how did the project go haywire and spill millions of gallons? Why didn’t they give the U.S. heads up when the accident occurred? Did Trump make them do it? (Ok they won’t answer that one).

Typically, in the day’s before-Trump, Mexican officials would provide U.S. environmental authorities heads up on any projects that might impact joint water borders. No Mas! Apparently those days are over.

U.S. officials wanted an official investigation launched into the matter, whereas their Mexican counterparts originally weren’t so interested. A couple of day ago the (sewage) tied turned. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, the U.S. and Mexican International Boundary and Water Commission have decided to begin an investigation that will look into the how, why and where the sewage spill happened; a report is expected within 30 days.

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