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BREAKING NEWS:  El Chapo Successor Damaso Lopez Nunez Arrested in Luxury Mexico City High Rise


Wow! That was fast. Damaso Lopez Nunez, Joquin El Chapo Guzman’s alleged successor and new head of the Sinaloa cartel, was on the job just five months when Mexican authorities arrested ‘El Licenciado’ in Mexico City. He was located downtown in the La Anzures colonia, in a luxury apartment complex. Lopez was found along with his son Damaso Lopez Serrano ‘El Mini Lic’ and his financial/logistics advisor Geovanny Gonzalez.

The narco chieftain was captured on video days earlier by the popular Revolution Monument getting something to eat. Lopez worked alongside his boss for 15 years after assisting in El Chapo’s legendary prison escape in a laundry basket –a prison Lopez was head of.

Lopez, 51, earned the top spot in the Sinaloa cartel after a failed attempted to assassinate El Chapo’s two sons Jesus Alfredo and Ivan Guzman. They went into hiding and the former associate of El Chapo took control of the multi-billionaire illegal enterprise.

Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office announced the arrest via Twitter on the morning of May 2. It is expected that the U.S. will seek to extradite Lopez based on 2011 charges of money laundering and coke smuggling. The U.S. government is also seeking $280 million in illicit funds from Lopez.

In 2013, the Treasury Department named Lopez a “drug kingpin” and confirmed his status as one of El Chapo’s “top lieutenants”.

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