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Why Did Immigrant Hunter Steven Seagal Flee a Trump Presidency Into the Arms of Putin? 

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Steven Seagal Goes Russian

Fabled faux border patrol agent and notorious “Mexican hunter” Steven Seagal, 64, has declared his love of Russia by receiving his newly minted Russian passport by none other than Vlad Putin on the heels of becoming a Russian citizen earlier this month.

The timing of Seagal’s very public embrace of Putin and mother Russia has raised eyebrows. Washington is abuzz as to why the over-sized actor is fleeing Trump’s Presidency into the arms of Putin. Seagal is a Republican who like Trump has been talking about building a wall to keep out “hardened criminals, murderers, rapists, narcotraffickers, people like that.” Seagal has gone on to say “People are talking about, ‘Oh, Islamic terrorism in America!’ I don’t think it’s that at all, I think our biggest problem is open borders.”

Was the “Under Siege” actor offended he was not invited to join other notable barely employed actors like Cha Chi and Antonio “Who” Sabato Jr. at the Republican Convention to endorse now President-elect Donald Trump? Or is it that Trump has not publicly endorsed Seagal as top law man in his administration after his distinguished side job hunting “illegals”? Seagal whose movie career has gone from box office hits to direct-to-video to ‘executive producer’ which in Hollywood speak means – “I’ll pay you so I can act in your movie” has done his fair share to protect the lives of American citizens.

In 2010, for example, he was called upon by chronic bigot and racial profiler warmly known as “America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio to help“transporting illegal immigrants arrested for potential immigration violations.”

Then in 2011 Seagal was hired by Texas’ Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office to work “full time to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border.” Yes that’s the same county that accused the Mexican army of trying to invade the U.S. and the sheriff’s office made a name for itself with high profile pot arrests of Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg.

Being a true thespian Seagal (incidentally whose startling black hair has led to rumors of a Grecian formula addiction) has never left behind his love of acting. Starting in the amazing reality series “Steven Seagal - Lawman: Maricopa County” that disappointed all seven of its fans (number of his children from various women) ending suddenly in 2010 after only two seasons due to a law suit filed by a personal assistant claiming the judo expert was also a perv who sexually harassed and illegally trafficked women. This came on the heels of Seagal being accused by ex-spouse Kelly LeBrock, his second of four wives, of being “constantly raped and abused” by Seagal.

Experts believe with a resume like this Seagal is a perfect fit in Trump’s administration. Nonetheless, Trump has been unusually silent. So apparently Seagal did the next best thing and jumped into the arms of Trump’s best amigo Putin. This is a mutual admiration club that started years ago when Seagal gave Putin judo lessons and publicly declaring the thug “one of the great living world leaders.”

Alas Russia’s motives for granting citizenship to the corpulent creep was explained by Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explaining that Seagal “has been insistent for a long time in asking to be granted Russian citizenship,” adding that “he is known for his warm feelings to our country. He never made a secret of it, and he’s also a well-known actor, which gave grounds to make him a Russian citizen.”

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