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VIDEO: Watch ICE Agents Going to God’s House to Remove ‘Criminals’

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This Isn't Right

Check out the video from a local Virginia television station where witnesses testify of an Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) “raid” in Hybla Valley, Virginia. What is notable about this raid is not the size (depending on who you ask it involved between 7-10 Latino men) it was the location.

Witnesses and men detained claim ICE arrested men that were visiting the Rising Hope Church. The men were detained as they were leaving the church which is known as a location where people including the undocumented go to get warm as well as pray. ICE claims they indeed made the arrests but that it was not on church property but rather across the street.

Eyewitness reports are coming in about the recent and newly intensified immigration raids. They are unsettling stories of ICE broadening its target to non-criminal aliens and locations that under previous administrations were sacrosanct.

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