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VIDEO: Trump Administration Immigration Arrests Soar Thanks to A Lot of He-Man Tactics


Clearly the Trump administration wants to make sure immigration arrests continue their upward trajectory. Under President Donald Trump immigration arrests have surged 38 percent, incidentally the biggest portion of the immigration arrests were immigrants without a criminal record. Their only crime are immigration violations – good enough to be labeled “bad hombres”.

In order to keep up the arrest momentum U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can’t just go to the customary locations. They are going where no ICE agents have gone before: churches, homeless shelters and now inside courthouses - all locations that under prior administrations were considered sacrosanct and off limits.

During the same time period last year (Jan.22 – April 29) under the Obama administration there were 4,242 people arrested for immigration violations, most having a criminal record. Under Trump ICE executed 10,845 arrests for immigration violations during the same time period.

The President can now tell his ardent supporters “See I’m doing something not just giving away classified secrets and giving my family jobs.”

Watch this video as immigration agents make a singular arrest (well actually just a He-man tackle then an arrest) in a Lindsey-Flanigan courthouse in Denver, with one undocumented male having to be forcefully detained as he entered the building to deal with a minor traffic violation.

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