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VIDEO:  Immigrant Vets Want You to Stop Spewing Hate


Immigrant veterans want haters to stop hating!

Many of these immigrant vets have teamed up with the Southern Poverty Law Center to urge haters to stop hating online and stop spreading the hate. The “Vets Fight Hate” public service campaign has taken the form of a video. Watch now.

Many people including haters may not know that over 10 percent of military members are immigrants and some of them are undocumented. It is through their service to the US that these undocumented vets have a track to citizenship. Some of these vets are featured on the video telling their stories in an effort to show the haters they have made a big sacrifice to serve the country and want respect for it, much like other vets receive.

The timely video was created by the New York ad agency Wing. The video highlights some basic messages:

“I served in the U.S. Air Force and fought for you, your family and people I don’t even know,” one immigrant says. “I risked my life for a free and inclusive country.”

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