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(Video) Check Out the Multi-Million Dollar Border Climbing Wall You Paid For

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Remember President Donald J. Trump’s promised “big, beautiful” wall to keep out the bad hombres. You know the one that can’t get funding, that most Americas don’t want –that one.

Well the Great Showman (not to be confused with Huge Jackman’s movie ‘The Greatest Showman’ – he has genuine talent the other doesn’t), had eight companies craft border wall prototypes after a rigorous bidding process - to see what the “big, beautiful” would look like and if it would work.

The wall prototypes cost taxpayers, according to Business Insider, between $2.4 and $4 million. Only pieces of walls are all Trump can afford at this time, since the Senate refused to take $1.6 billion out of the country’s coffers to put a DOWNPAYMENT – yes down payment – to start the “big, beautiful” wall.

So what do you do with multi-million slabs of wall, make them climbing walls, of course.

Right now as we speak government employees are testing to see how “quickly someone could go over the top and through the walls,” in the San Diego area. We assume that the desperation, despair, fear-of-cartels motivation that most illegal border crossers have, will be missing from the experiment.

After the tests the Trump administration just needs to find the $1.6 billion down payment and then pony up another $20 billion to build the 129-mile long U.S.-Mexico border fence. And as we wait for that to happen (never) you can see in the horizon of the San Diego dessert the most expensive climbing walls known to man.

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