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VIDEO:  Americans Seems Confused Between Illegal Alien Crimes vs. Space Alien Crime


Who knew that the Department of Homeland Security’s new VOICE also known as the “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement” office also known as Illegal Alien Crime office could finally unmask all the other “illegal” aliens the U.S. has to deal with.

Our friends at Young Turks analyzed how DHS’s “VOICE” hotline is being bombarded with calls about outer space aliens and the crimes they have committed on planet Earth. DHS Secretary John F. Kelly may be calling for an office to “assist victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens” the rest of the world is obsessed with crimes committed by space aliens.

DHS’s office doesn’t seem to offer crime victims much more than what is already available to other victims of violent crimes committed by non-illegal aliens so maybe that is why concerned Americans are using the 1-855-488-6423 hotline to address space alien crimes.

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