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Trump Urges Funding for a Solar-Powered Tanning Salon for Undocumented ‘Illegals’


Who said it was going to be a “cruel cruel summer” with the “air so heavy and dry” - like the Bangles said in 1983. Surely, not along the U.S.-Mexico 2,000 mile long border.

President Donald J. Trump after bashing the “illegals” especially those coming from Mexico is offering his own version of an olive branch: a solar-powered tanning salon also know by the Department of Homeland Security as a 55-foot high border wall powered by solar panels.

The president’s low-information voters/supporters applaud their Pope of Hope and see this as a caring gesture for the “brown” people to deter their crossing. His fiscal conservatives fans think he is simply trying to fry these folks to death instead of paying to detain and deport them in case they can scale the fence.

What is a fact is the President’s pet project just got a little climate friendly. As the Department of Border Protection prepares to select four-to-eight companies next week to build a wall prototype the President is urging a solar-panel feature be added. The man who is often viewed as a Tower of Babel that hasn’t fallen soon enough is clearly full of ideas for a project that has little national support and even less money to make a reality.

Trump recently noted: “We’re thinking about building the wall as a solar wall, so it creates energy, and pays for itself. And this way Mexico will have to pay much less money, and that’s good. Is that good?”

FYI Mr. President Mexico isn’t paying for the wall even if you are tanning his people! Nor will your sudden interest in renewable energy compensate for the withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement.

The new border wall feature will certainly let the sunshine in but not help finance the estimated $21.6 billion price tag. The Republican-controlled Congress has given Trump a measly $20 million in this current budget to build a prototype, with the project starting in September in San Diego. The smart legislators recognize that the Pope of Hope’s idea is impractical since it will only generate power for 500-to-1000 homes for each mile of wall built but there are no nearby homes to enjoy the free power.

Smart Republicans came to Congress to kick ass not kiss it (let alone an orange-hued one) It is indeead a cruel summer!

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