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Trump Fans Celebrate New Job Opportunities as Gardeners, Busboys, Grape Pickers as ICE Begins Immigration Raids

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Immigration Raids Are Real

Today President Donald Trump announced via Tweeter: “The crackdown on illegal criminals is merely the keeping of my campaign promise.” “Gang members, drug dealers & others are being removed!”

The President, proving that he possesses the manners and tact of an oaf, continued his carnival of cruelty toward immigrants declaring the sweeping immigration raids across multiple states as an effort to keep America safe. Or was this a tactical move to provide employment opportunities to his constituents in the minimum-wage industries of agriculture, food & beverage and lawn maintenance?

Either way Trump is celebrating that a few more “illegals” are gone so they can stop: voting, raping, selling drugs, looking like Muslims, speaking Spanish and God knows what else. The undocumented have yet to be blamed for fake news and getting Ivanka’s Chinese-made wares kicked out of Nordstrom, but it’s the Barbecued Brutus’ only 3rd week in office, give him time.

The immigration raids, started Monday and ended on Friday at noon, occurred across six states according to Immigration and Customer Enforcement (ICE) while immigration advocates believe more states are involved. This is in keeping with Trump’s January 25 Executive Order that just about any immigrant living here illegally regardless of character, time or family ties, was under risk.

The raids were as bombastic as the man who authored them. ICE agents were reportedly going to work sites and residences. Most of the raids were carried out in broad daylight to maximize fear in communities whereas raids during President Barrack Obama were typically conducted at night.

The Mexican government warned “the entire Mexican community to take precautions and to keep in touch with their nearest consulate.”

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