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Texas Formerly Known as Mexico Is Making Sure It’s Less Mexican


Texas Governor Gregg Abbott coyly this past Sunday signed SB4 via Facebook Live (a modern approach to showing off dated ideas) banning the existence of so called “sanctuary cities” thereby initiating open season on anyone who lives in Texas that is undocumented, the majority of which are from Mexico. Keep in mind Texas does not officially have any municipalities that identify as “sanctuary cities” for immigrants like Chicago and San Francisco do.

The new law was signed with no advance warning or fanfare assuring no protests from the nearly 11 million Latinos that live in the state. And did we mention 86 percent of those Latinos are Mexican or Mexican-American or of Mexican descent or the original settler families when Texas was Mexico.

The law mandates that local government comply with any request made by immigration officials and mandates local officials hold any immigrant after they are released from jail so Immigration and Customs can detain them. An additional features to Texas’ ‘round em’ up’ law permits local police to ask anyone their immigration status even during a routine traffic stop.

The new law goes into effect September 1, 2017 in the state that was formally part of Mexico until 1836. Clearly the state still doesn’t want any part of Mexico and is making assurances to make it less “Mexican”.

The Republican Governor quoting the Republican mantra claimed “safety” as the driving force behind this severe anti-immigrant law. And just to make sure everyone complies, AP reports the law “also requires police chiefs and sheriffs — under the threat of jail and removal of office — to comply with federal requests to hold criminal suspects for possible deportation.”

Since Texas likes to do things BIG, it immediately sued certain municipalities that have tended to defy immigration official requests in the past, cities like El Paso and Austin. For example Travis County which encompasses Austin denied 69 percent of all immigration requests.

Texas also sued the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, this week days after the bill was signed, in a preemptive strike to make sure they don’t interfere with the new round ‘em up efforts.

Latinos comprise 38.6 percent of the state’s population according to the latest census figures. Unfortunately according to Pew Hispanic only 46 percent of them are eligible to vote while nearly 80 percent of whites are. So for those Latinos that did vote for a majority Republican government, they should remember their folly when they are stopped and asked for their papers.

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