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Immigration Agents Dine at Restaurant, Compliment Chef then Arrest Kitchen Help


Immigration and Customs agents under the direction of the rabid anti-immigrant President Trump are keeping up the round ‘em up momentum. ICE agents are no longer just targeting undocumented criminal aliens but also immigrants without criminal records. Agents are also breaking with prior established protocol and arresting undocumented immigrants in locations previously considered hands off - locations such as courthouses and religious centers.

Now sporadic stories are surfacing of agents doing random well planned arrests for a limited number of immigrants versus large work-focused arrests. Such is the story coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Several ICE agents enjoyed a breakfast at the Sava Restaurant, complimented the chef then entered the kitchen looking for someone and when told that individual was not working that day rounded up three other suspected “illegals”. Two were undocumented and other detainee overstayed a tourist visa.

One of the detainees was later released when the individual was able to prove he had proper paperwork. ICE agents did confirm that they were “doing targeted enforcement action” at one of Ann Arbor’s largest downtown dining eateries.

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