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If Mexican Migrants are “Freeloaders” How Do They Manage to Send Nearly $3 Billion Back Home Monthly?

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Remittances to Mexico

Here’s a puzzle for you? How do alleged “freeloaders” and lazy Mexicans manage to send billions to family back home every month? If you are not working you cannot send money back home – it’s a pretty simple truth.

The negative perception of Mexicans has certainly existed for decades but has but been taken to a high with the current president, Donald Trump, and many fractions of the Republican Party. The issues of Mexican nationals as bad hombres that steal jobs and worse don’t work were consistent themes of the president’s campaign and now administration.

Yet Mexican migrants broke records this past October by sending $2.643 billion back to Mexico, notably with many undocumented in low-paying pages. The figure is a whopping 19 percent increase compared to last October. Thus far those “lazies” manage to scrap together on average $315/month in remittances to send nearly $24 billion in 2017. It is estimated remittances to Mexico in 2017 will total nearly $30 billion.

Last year remittances to Mexico, by Mexicans living and working abroad, exploded to $27 billion in great part driven by the negative rhetoric of Trump and an increased fear of deportation. Trump had also blustered about seizing the remittances to pay for the wall.

Mexico said gracias! Especially since remittances are one of the top sources of foreign capital infusion for the country and allows Mexico to not take care of some of its poorest citizens. The Mexican government does not gain directly from the remittances since they are non-taxable.

This year with those deportations actually happening and “We don’t want you here” attitude strengthening, Mexican migrants decided to send more as long as they can.

As the Atlantic aptly pointed out “Donald Trump has made the classic bully’s error – He has underestimated his victim.”

And worry not U.s., numerous non-partisan studies have indicated that undocumented immigrants pay nearly $12 billion in state and local taxes annually.

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