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California, Formerly Known as Mexico, Says No to Trump Border Wall

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California is keeping its promise to be a constant nag, bitch, nightmare to all of President Donald Trump’s “Build the Wall” and “Keep the bad Hombres out” efforts. It has become the first state to sue to stop the planned U.S.-Mexico border wall that would live within its state lines. Basically California does not want the existing 47-mile wall that goes from land-to-ocean to be expanded.

Xavier Becerra, the state’s first Latino attorney general is leading the anti-wall fight announcing that Trump’s wall to keep out those gnarly Mexicans and other undesirables out “threatens the state of California’s economic, procedural and sovereign interests and will harm the state’s natural resources.”

And it appears there are many in California governments that agree with the lawsuit including Governor Jerry Brown who is days away from making California – formerly known as Mexico – the first sanctuary state. Trump and his anti-immigrant posse including Attorney General Jeff Sessions must have forgotten that up until 1843 California was
Mexico, that is until the U.S. declared war with its eye on the jewel of Mexican territories – California.

Did they forget that when in 1848 the U.S. “bought” portions of the Southwest, including California, for the bottom-basement price of $15 million, Mexicans were already inside the new U.S. borders? That when Mexico surrendered in 1848 Mexicans were given the choice to become US citizens (many did) or go back to Mexico – that is the newly downsized Mexico. So many California legacy families were Mexican first, American second.

Of course rectifying for past ills cannot be the legal justification for the law suit. Instead Becerra, he himself a son of Mexican immigrants, is stating Trump and his administration has failed to adhere to state law and local environmental laws. The 53-page complaint filed by Becerra argues that “No one gets to ignore the laws, not even the president of the United States.” “In California, we make every effort to follow the rules.”

Let the battle royale begin!

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