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BREAKING NEWS: 8 Dead, Scores on Verge of Death Found in TX Wal-Mart Parking Lot – All Thought to Be Undocumented Immigrants


San Antonio police early this morning came upon carnage inside an 18-wheel tractor-trailer parked in a Walmart parking lot. Inside the 18-wheel-tractor authorities found eight people, two of which are children, dead and many others on the verge of death – all thought to be victims of ruthless human smugglers.

Inside the tractor-trailer were an estimated 38 undocumented immigrants, left for dead by their smugglers, inside a sealed tomb. Authorities immediately took twenty individuals in critical condition to local hospitals, all others were in “less critical” condition. The critically injured were suffering from heat stroke, asphyxiation and dehydration.

It is presumed the migrants were attempting to enter the U.S. illegally and paid a smuggler who left them for dead inside the tractor-trailer where temperatures probably reached over 100 degrees. The trailer did not have functioning air conditioning and no water appeared available inside the trailer.

The driver of the trailer was taken into custody after someone from the truck approached a Walmart employee pleading for water and indicating people were locked insider the trailer.

State and federal authorities are investigating and have indicated it is a case of “horrific human trafficking.” No information has been released by Homeland Security as to what countries the migrants maybe from.

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