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Another F U to Latinos: POTUS Pardons Joe Arpaio

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Joe Arpaio

President Donald J. Trump, also referred to as POTUS by some, has in the dead of night pardoned the unpardonable. He has pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio just as he was about to face justice for profiling, abusing and shitting on Latinos.

Arpaio, 85, until recently led Arizona’s Maricopa County sheriff’s department and during his nearly 25-year tenure became famous or infamous depending on your point of view for three things: a) racially profiling Latinos b) brutalizing the undocumented and c) being Trump’s wingman on the “birther” movement.

Fortunately for Arpaio (and Trump) you can’t go to jail for claiming as fact that Obama was not born in this country. You do for racial bias especially when in a position of authority like Arpaio. And that is where he was headed for refusing to adhere to a court order to stop racially profiling Latinos especially during routine traffic stops when his officers asked immigration status.

Now thanks to Trump’s use of executive pardon this past Friday night, Arpaio will not face jail time. Trump noted the convicted Latino-basher’s “admirable service” and obviously didn’t care that many Latinos in Maricopa County worked years to build the case against Arpaio as did the Justice Department. Trump didn’t care that his detainees were deprived of basic necessities in his jails, that Arpaio spent .30 cents for their meals, when he fed them. That when Arpaio’s jails filled mostly with Latinos, documented and undocumented, he built tent cities out in the middle of the 130 degree Arizona desert. Trump must of truly enjoyed when Arpaio paraded hundreds of chained undocumented migrants in front of the media to prove that he was tough on immigration.

Or maybe POTUS got off when Arpaio had a group of detainees parade outside the jail wearing only pink underwear and flip-flops.

The president utilized his presidential power to pardon a man that cost the taxpayers of Maricopa Country $141 million defending “America’s toughest sheriff” against lawsuits - lawsuits that involved dead prisoners and misuse of public funds to investigate political enemies. Arpaio’s own constituents finally decided to kick him and his antics out of office, losing his bid for a seventh term this last November.

Many Latinos leader went to war on Trump and his Arpaio pardon:

* U.S. Rep Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) “By pardoning Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump has blessed Arpaio’s racist and unconstitutional police practices. Trump’s pardon of Arpaio is unconscionable and unworthy of the White House.”

* Carlos Garcia (Director Puente Arizona) “In pardoning Arpaio, Trump has lost all legitimacy.”

* Ana Navarro (Republican Conservative Commentator) “This is a slap in the face to the Latino community, to most of us in the Latino community — perhaps not the guy who hates taco trucks — but a lot of other Latinos see Joe Arpaio as a symbol of racism of discrimination, of racial profiling, of abuses of civil rights…”

* U.S. Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-Il) “Both men are not ashamed to use overt appeals to racism to glorify themselves… .”

* U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro (D-TX) “Joe Arpaio is a bigot who targeted the Hispanic community for years. He should serve his time.”

* NALEO “A pardon for Arpaio is an endorsement of racism from the highest office in the land.”

* Nanette Barreta (California Representative) “Pardon sends message it is OK to racially profile people especially Latinos.”

* Thomas A. Saenz (Head of MALDEF) “The Latino community will remember this Friday night torchlight pardon – in history and at the next election.”* Alex Padilla (California Secretary of State) “Joe Arpaio is a convicted felon who openly promoted racial profiling and discrimination against American citizens who are Latina and Latino.”

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