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Adios Cuba: US to Cut Embassy Staff and Urges Others to Stay Away

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Adios Cuba

Today the US government announced they were cutting embassy staff working at the US embassy in Havana while urging everyone else to stay away. What took nearly five decades to achieve the Trump Administration is dismantling in record time.

The embassy has only been recognized as an embassy for all of 24 months and for nearly five decades as a US interest section since the US did not have official diplomatic ties with Cuba.

President Obama changed all that in July of 2015 by re-opening the embassy, establishing diplomatic ties with Cuba and easing travel to the island nation. The fifty-year-plus US-Cuba embargo, however, remained in place.

When Donald Trump came into office he was never in love with the idea of the US having diplomatic ties with Cuba and warned he would reverse the work of his predecessor. And the man who only travels to places that have a garish Trump property wasn’t too keen on the idea of travel to Cuba either.

Then voila Cuba decides to “sonically” attack the US embassy something it had never done under countless other presidents. The attacks started nearly a year ago and no one can identify the cause, source or device at play here.

The sonic attacks have affected 20-some embassy personnel as recently as August; resulting in hospitalization for some and complete loss of hearing for others. No tourists have been affected nonetheless the travel warning was issued as a safety percussion according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has ordered nearly 60 percent of US embassy staff to come home and will also stop processing visas in Cuba effective immediately.

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