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WWE Smackdown( Coverage and Results from July 1,2011) Christian vs faceless - Lucha Libre (VIDEO)

WWE Smackdown( Coverage and Results from July 1,2011) Christian vs faceless - Lucha Libre (VIDEO)

Photo: Smackdown

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Christian is again the number one contender.
Mark Henry continues to dominate with his strength WWE.
What will happen without a face?

RESULTS: Summary:
Dark Match: Derek Bateman beat Johnny Curtis.
Start the show.
WWE Video input.
Video input SmackDown.
Briefcase WWE Money in The Bank is suspended on high.
Teddy Long and Christian talk backstage.
Christian comes with a contract in hand and tells you today that Long signed a contract for his fight hand to hand against Randy Orton in WWE Money In The Bank, because he won last week.
Long tells Christian that he has earned, because the victory came for the team was Henry, so Henry tonight will face Randy Orton and if he wins we may have in WWE Money In The Bank a triple threat or maybe a heads Orton vs. Henry.
Christian tries to claim.
SmackDown GM Teddy Long for a Christian to be prohibited at ringside during the fight of Randy Orton.
Christian leaves the ring and now the battle begins.

1). Non-title: The world heavyweight champion Randy Orton beat Mark Henry by count out of the ring.
Mark Henry uses his strength and manages to turn the battle into something interesting.
Mark Henry repeatedly star in the mat Randy Orton entirely dominated the match so far.
Henry is now dominating the head and tells Randy that he is the champion.
The world’s strongest man Randy tries to load but it manages to get out and apply DDT to Henry.
Randy Orton is bleeding a little on the nose.
The action moves outside the ring.
Big Sound Music Show.
Henry turns waiting for the giant Randy rises.
The count is eight seconds, Randy applied DDT and runs to the ring.
Randy Orton wins via count out the ring.
Enuentra Mark Henry outside the ring.
Randy celebrated in the ring and looks at Henry nodded.
Henry goes to the listening area and tells the employee of sound that is not funny.
Henry blames the man of sound to sound the music show.
Henry destroys teams throwing to the ground, the man looks impressed.
Mark Henry ends up throwing the whole table.
The world’s strongest man angrily asked the man to stand up and angrily throws it behind the area.
People booed and Henry goes with the taste of defeat.

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