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The 10 Most Intense Lucha Libre Masks Of All-Time-Number 6 & 5

No. 6 Histeria


This mask actually belongs to the second (and still running) version of Histeria, after the original Histeria left the AAA circuit, changed his name to Super Crazy and donated the name to another wrestler who had been toiling under the moniker Quarterback II. Super Crazy didn’t tell anybody. Quarterback II didn’t tell anybody. Fans didn’t suspect a thing. And a new Histeria was born.

No. 5 Rey Bucanero


Once the lord of the high seas while teamed with Ultimo Guerrero in the early 90’s, the “Pirate King” wore some of the most terrifying costumes to ever see the inside of a ring. Looking like one of the horsemen from “Lord of the Rings” after an afternoon of paintball, he eventually lost his mask to Shocker in 1999, and has since taken on a David Bowie-esque look.