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The 10 Most Intense Lucha Libre Masks Of All-Time-Number 4 & 3

No. 4 India Sioux 0 and India Sioux


India Sioux stole hearts all around Mexico before breaking them when she left the ring in 2009 after having her first child. Twenty-five years ago, her mother did the same thing under the same name…although with a bit more, shall we say, modesty.

No. 3 Mephisto


Mephisto, who looks like the result of a bourbon-fueled union of Barney and Mephistopheles, is, like many luchadors, a second-generation wrestler. A longtime villain and one-time leader of the Los Infernales wrestling gang (which lost the name to the other band of Los Infernales in a steel cage match) he’s known for turning people from good to bad with satanic powers. Just like bourbon.