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The 10 Most Intense Lucha Libre Masks Of All-Time-Number 2 & 1

No. 2 (Tied) Santo and The Blue Demon




It’s hard to beat a classic, and when it comes to luchadors, it doesn’t get more timeless than Santo and Blue Demon, two longtime tecnico (good guy) rivals whose masks gave birth to a whole generation of fighters and galvanized a country. Both were the faces of Lucha Libre as it exploded in popularity, both transcended the ring and became folk heroes, both wore their masks everywhere — including their caskets.


No. 1 Mil Mascaras



One of the most famous luchadors in history, the “Man of a Thousand Masks” epitomizes the high-flying, colorful style of Lucha Libre. For three decades, he’s entered the ring wearing a new mask with his signature mask underneath. Mil Mascaras broke into Lucha Libre as an actor and has never lost his flair for the dramatic, with a flamboyant personality reflected by his mask, which manages to look frenzied, melancholic and apocalyptic at the same time. Kind of like a Muse song.

But what makes Mil Mascaras our No. 1 pick is not that he wore all those (figurative and literal) masks, but that he designed them himself. Anyone creative enough to concoct an amazing luchador persona, become a movie star, get super-ripped and still find time to design his masks is alright by us.