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Lucha Libre- Dr Wagner Jr. Talks About His Upcoming Match at VDE

Lucha Libre- Dr Wagner Jr. Talks About His Upcoming Match at VDE

Photo: Dr. Wagner- Lucha Libre

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On the fight to be next July 31 in Guadalajara, “Summer Scandal”, Dr. Wagner Jr. spoke of how it feels to be crowned Megacampe√≥n AAA and what his goals for the match are.

“I know my challenger and have respect for Park being a great fighter. However, my main goal is Jeff Jarrett, not only because he brings his Megacampeonato but because he very much insulted my country . I’m Mexican and I’m proud of that, I will not tolerate someone like him to appear suddenly in my ring and begin to insult Mexico. For these reasons, my main goal in Scandal Summer will be Jeff Jarrett, who needs to be put in his place. “

We know that the Park has also had disagreements with Jeff, are you aware of this?

“I heard that they had had some friction, but I can not trust that completely. These things can be unpredictable. Sometimes people play the Fox and then turn around and attack. I will watch my back. My goal is Jarrett as I am for him. “

Any message to the fans?

“Guadalajara is a nice place for wrestling, it is a place I’ve always loved and the audience is beautiful.  I’m going to take Jeff Jarrett for Mexico, Megacampeonato.”

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