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Lucha Libre Coming to Comic-Con via Masked Republic and JSR

Lucha Libre Coming to Comic-Con via Masked Republic and JSR

Photo: Lucha Libre Wear

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Masked Republic, a company focusing on bringing the best of lucha libre (Mexican pro wrestling) to the United States in the form of athletes, merchandise, and live events, has teamed up with JSR Merchandising to bring lucha libre stars and apparel to the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, July 21-24.

Lucha Libre is characterized by a more high-flying and vibrant style of wrestling than American audiences are used to through classic WWE-style wrestling. However, the aspect of lucha libre that has captured the hearts and minds of its fans may well be the predominance of masked wrestlers, who are instantly recognizable with their iconic masks, and will frequently put their masks on the line in a match, and thus their true identity and their honor as a competitor.

Oscar Martinez, JSR’s marketing director, commented that, “We at JSR Merchandising are very proud to be working alongside Masked Republic on this lucha libre merchandising venture. Being fans of lucha libre and following these wrestlers for years it is very exciting to be able to be working alongside and bring official licensed merchandise to the masses.”

Masked Republic and JSR’s new venture features officially licensed lucha libre merchandise that spotlights the iconic masks and colorful wrestlers. The featured “luchadors” include legendary Rey Misterio, Hijo De Rey Misterio, LA Park (The Original La Parka), Konnan, Solar and Rayo De Jalisco Jr. JSR will be unveiling its Masked Republic products at San Diego Comic-Con, and will feature appearances live luchador appearances as well as a live wrestling event.

“While there are tons of unofficial lucha libre shirts out there, the JSR and Masked Republic designs are 100 percent official and approved by the wrestlers themselves,” Marinez said. “We welcome Masked Republic to the JSR Merchandising family.”

Martinez noted that JSR’s other licensed merchandise partners include Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim,” Dropkick Murphys, and AC/DC.