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It’s Not Wrestling… It’s Lucha Libre

“Lucha Libre AAA 2011: Heroes del Ring” is the largest video project to be created entirely in Latin America and introduces the first Mexican Publisher to the Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and Nintendo market. The game will include 30 of the most popular fighters in lucha libre. This is a welcome change where currently it is estimated that 2% of characters in video games are Hispanic.

Lucha libre is Mexican wrestling with each luchador in his own colorful mask with plenty of highflying fancy moves. “It’s wrestling meets Halloween, meets circus, meets day of the dead,” said Susan Jaramillo, chief creative officer and partner at the Vox Collective. In Mexico, the luchadores are “heroes from the underworld—a nasty, crazy world that they leave only to fight,” said Mr. Cortes. “Salsa outsells ketchup,” he said. “Lucha libre can outsell wrestling. It’s wrestling with flavor.”

With an Oct 12 launch date, the Xbox and PS3 games will sell for $59.99 and the Wii will cost $39.99.

“Hacer sufrir es un arte” (“To cause suffering is an art”).