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GALLI results from Eagles Club Berwyn Illinois April 23, 2011

GALLI results from Eagles Club Berwyn Illinois April 23, 2011

Photo: Berwyn IL Show May 14th

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It was a great return to the Berwyn/Cicero area. Almost a packed house and the fans were great.

Atomico Def. Destructor Alfa
Valentino & Ovirload were DQ VS Tom Heisman & MAtt Creed when Ovirload used brass knucks on both members of Youth Gone Wild and was caught by the ref.

Nikita Allanov & Diego Carleone def Joey Rose & Chad Fletcher
En thier GALLI Debut “Los Odiados” Paulie & Vito def. Jarod Priest & Craig Mitchel.

In a traditional Lucha Libre style match Golden Star & new GALLI graduate Flash Metal defeated Yakuza & the Clown. The match ended when Golden finished Yakuza with “La Mistica” A move maid famous by new WWE Mexican Star.

In the first of two 6 man matches Emperador, Funebre & Ripper def. 450 Hammet, Alex Olson & the returning Tokyo Lee. The end came when 450 came off the 2nd rope & Emperador low blowed him with the ref not watching. That got him out of the ring as the Rudos tripled teamed Olson to finish the match. After match Hammet called out Emperador and challenged him for the International Championship. It was over a year ago that Emperador won this title from Hammet and never recieved a match. GALLI owner that the match would be made and on May 14th not only will they meet for the GALLI International Titla, but Hammet will put his “Lucha Chicago All Pro” Title on the line.

(Lets see what Danny Nieves has to say about this)

In the main event it seemed that the Soul Touchaz were in complete control until the tied turned and the Tecnicos( Discovery, Rey Fuego and Furia Roja)pulled out a victory.
The Soul Touchaz were not very happy and after the show made very clear that they are looking for the Gold!!
You can watch the webcast atwww.justin.tv…anishannouncer)
Next Berwyn Show May 14th, 2011


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