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Latino State News

UPDATE: Wrigleyville Bomb Threat Was For Fame and Fortune

22 year-old Lebanese immigrant, Sami Samir Hassoun, accused of placing a backpack he believed contained an explosive near Wrigley Field. He planned to set it off, was apparently just looking for quick fortune and fame in the U.S. claims his attorney and a friend.

Wednesday, restaurant owner Joseph Abraham told The Associated Press that Hassoun is well educated but also prone to big boasts, lies and bluffs.

‘Half of the stuff he told you you couldn’t believe — lies to show people he was a big shot,” said Abraham, 49. “I think what got him into trouble was: He was bluffing and he got caught in a bluff.”

Hassoun’s attorney, Myron Auerbach, said his client is prone to embellish, and has difficulty backing away from difficult situations, but is “not a terrorist.”

A federal judge denied bail, determining Hassoun to be dangerous and a flight risk.