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UPDATE: Judge Delays Teacher Reinstatements

A press conference was scheduled for today by the Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU) in order to call on CPS to use federal grant money to hire back teachers and lower the size of classes.  This comes after a federal judge put a hold on an earlier order that CPS was to negotiate with the CTU to change its teacher layoff process.

The district is appealing U.S. District Judge David Coar’s Oct. 4 recall ruling as they argue that no recalls should be made until the appeal had run its course. CPS believes they have a good chance to win their appeal, and that a recall assumes they will not.

Image Karen Lewis, CTU President, says she plans to ask the appeals court to expedite the process, due to 400 tenured teachers still being out of work.
Earlier this year, 749 teachers were dismissed based solely on poor performance evaluations. The district let go of the teachers undeterred by their seniority or tenure, and CPS says it was well within its right to do so, despite CTU’s argument otherwise.

“I will pick this fight any day of the week,” said CPS CEO Ron Huberman. “This is a fight about getting the best teachers in front of students.”

Huberman said CTU has done an injustice to laid-off teachers by giving them the impression that they would have their jobs back.