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Latino State News

UNO to Launch 10th Charter School: UNO Soccer Academy in Gage Park

The United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) located in the Back of the Yards announced the creation of its 10th charter school to be called the UNO Soccer Academy.

The academy will accommodate 575 children in grades K-8 and be unique in that it will be soccer-based.  The academy to be located in Gage Park is due to open in the fall of this year featuring academic curriculum linked to soccer.  In addition it is hoped star talent can be identified to play high school and college soccer.

“We have a tremendous amount of soccer talent within our community,” said Juan Rangel, CEO of UNO.“Unfortunately, a lot of kids may have the soccer skills, but they do not have the academic background.” 

The Chicago Fire will help support the academy and help them implement professional development guidelines much the same as the soccer federation follows.  The academy is expected to have soccer coaches that will provide athletic and psychological sports guidance for its players.