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Latino State News

Rahm Emanuel Elected Mayor of Chicago

Former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been decidedly elected Mayor of Chicago and will not face a run off in April against any of the other five other mayorial candidates.

CNN was the first to call the election about an hour ago and with 86 percent of all precincts reporting Gery Chico, former school president, has conceded – he was the closest vote getter with 25% of the vote.

This election was historic in many ways for Chicago:  first time a Jewish mayor has been elected, first time in 60 years there is not an incumbent on the ballot and first time in 20 years there is not a Daley on the ballot.

At this point in time Emanuel has not declared victory but he is well over the 50 percent voter mark to avoid a run off.  If he would of fallen below the 50 percent mark a run-off would have been necessary.